Slash take-off time.

Measure from from anywhere at anytime and reduce the cost and time of on-site estimates.
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Supercharge your Entire Company

Capture, manage and serve spatial data at scale.

Capture On-demand

Request data capture for your project on-demand through our platform.

Document Reality

We've taken the pain out of tasking, processing and maintaining Big Data.

Serve Reality

Use our API's and serverless cloud to manage and serve reality at scale.

Notification Auto-pilot

We work with your schedule to capture reality at scale during each milestone.

Reduced Overhead

Save the time and expense of costly data, hardware and maintenance.

Reciprocal Benefits

Let all stakeholders benefit from accessing a source of truth at scale.

Looking for Map Data?

Marketplace and On-demand Capture in one platform.

FastMap Marketplace

FastMap's Marketplace is maintained with HD Map data captured from terrestrial, ground and space sensors. Stream or download content directly to your project.

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FastMap Capture

FastMap's constellation of platforms and sensors Capture high resolution earth imagery, survey accurate elevation data, and realistic 3D models, on-demand.

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In this together.

FastMap is already simple use, but we're still here to help.


FastMap's support team is ready to help you with all your technical questions. Reach them by live chat, email, or phone depending on your plan.


From a comprehensive knowledge base to blog articles and use cases, FastMap offers free educational content to help your whole team stay ahead with technology.


Get up and running quickly with a personalized onboarding plan. Maximize results with premium training, ongoing consulting, and technical services.

Site reality built for industry.

We work with industry reduce cost and lower risk.
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Access open data, free tools and resources to get you started with aerial intelligence.

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