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We’re a team of dedicated innovators building an open meta-verse to design, build and maintain a more sustainable world.
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Our mission.

Our mission is to help organizations grow sustainably.

We believe there is a better way to for organizations to grow - one where a good bottom line is also good for the environment. We believe businesses can grow by enabling remote efficiencies within existing workflows. This is the fundamental reason why we are building an ecosystem which brings together spatial reality, HD maps, software and education for more sustainable growth every day.

Our history.


FastMap originates within ATLIS Geomatics to make HD maps and earth data more accessible.


FastMap launches beta platform to select beta customers with a shared vision.


FastMap grows content collection areas with over 10,000 square kilometers of new HD map data.


Launch of FastMap Workspace, Marketplace, Capture and welcomes new Enterprise users.


The FastMap Platform.

FastMap is a single platform to design, build and maintain a more sustainable world.

FastMap Marketplace

Search a catalog of digital reality and map assets including Ortho-mosaics, terrain maps and more.

FastMap Workspace

An intuitive spatial workspace to manage digital assets, maintain reality and extract intelligence.

FastMap Capture

Maintain reality with a team of Capture Professionals and suite of Capture solutions tailored to you.

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