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A spatial reality platform that reduces the time and expense of on-site surveys and assessments.


Reduce site travel by 90% with a spatial reality platform that saves time and money.

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FastMap's curated marketplace reduces IT overhead and eliminates data silos.

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FastMap Capture automates the digitization of properties and cities within hours.

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FastMap Workspace

Work remotely from anywhere.

FastMap Workspace makes it easy to manage property & infrastructure assets remotely.
  • Reduce site travel by 90%
  • Increase on-site efficiency
  • Eliminate costly re-visits
  • Automate site monitoring
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Reduce operating costs
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FastMap Marketplace

A meta-verse of spatial reality

Access to the built world has never been easier. Search, stream and process...
  • Stereo Frames
  • Panoramic Images
  • Mosaics Tiles
  • Terrain Tiles
  • Point Cloud Tiles
  • STAC compliant
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CityScan aerial imagery
FastMap Capture

Capture reality, everywhere.

Automate as-built updates for property and infrastructure assets with on-demand Capture.

Track reality from anywhere.

A reality platform built for industry.
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