HD Maps

A single platform to inspect the built world.

FastMap reduces the travel and expense of on-site inspections and surveys without the need for costly hardware, software or data collection.
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Measure, inspect & monitor the built world.


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Stream survey accurate HD maps and 3D models for remote access to the built world.


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Kickstart your workflow with Projects and begin managing estimates, inspections and more.


Work Remotely

Measure, inspect, locate and monitor without the harmful emissions and costly site travel.

Remote site visits

Measure & inspect remotely.

FastMap connects you to the built world for accurate site measurements and inspections from the convenience of anywhere at anytime.
  • HD aerial map views
  • fastmap virtual site measurements
    360 property views
  • 3D building models
  • Accurate as-builts
  • Precise terrain surveys
  • Use with GIS/CAD/BIM
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HD aerial maps
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HD aerial maps
OSM 3D Buildings
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Artificial Intelligence

Locate & monitor assets with ease.

We make it easy to maintain a pulse on assets while locating new opportunities without the time and expense of data collection or site travel.
  • Automatic notifications
  • Remote asset inspection
  • Locate pools, cars & more
  • Monitor vegetation
  • Track development
  • Locate new opportunities
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Don’t let your vision be limited by distance - find out today how FastMap can bring daily sustainability to your next project.
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Digital Twins

Mitigate risk with from central source of truth.

FastMap connects all stakeholders to a central source of truth for painless risk mitigation throughout the entire asset lifecycle.
  • fastmap virtual site measurements
    Reduce data overhead
  • Mitigate project delays
  • Document truth at scale
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Cut maintenance costs
  • Manage disputes
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Reduce emissions by skipping the traffic.

FastMap reduces the carbon footprint of your assets by tracking offsets as stakeholders skip the on-site travel and work from a central source of truth.
  • Reduce lifecycle emissions
  • Track carbon offsets
  • Enable reciprocal benefits
  • Monitor progress remotely
  • Enhance LEAN & LEED
  • Low cost carbon reduction
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Market Solutions

We're building and maintaining a digital twin of the built world so you can work from the convenience of anywhere, anytime.
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Ready to do more with less?

FastMap reduces site travel to measure and inspect the build world. Begin taking on more without the costly overhead.
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