HD Earth Data.

We digitize the built environment so industry can reduce costly site surveys.
Aerial view of True North Square

HD maps on-demand.

The latest HD maps without the costly overhead.


Capture, stream & export HD earth data.

  • Capture thousands of square kilometers per mission of new data.
  • HD mosaics and terrain data is available within days of capture.
  • Automate fast consumable site data according to your schedule.


View site reality and engage stakeholders.

  • Stream and export HD mosaics and terrain data from your browser.  
  • Analyze, measure and collaborate using our innovative online Workspace.
  • Integrate with our API for on-demand earth data in your software.


Maintain site reality and reduce overhead.

  • Capture, manage and serve HD earth imagery and terrain without the overhead.
  • Get notifications when updates are in Workspace or on your servers.
  • ISO/IEC 27001 compliance so you can securley manage site data.
Capture Services

Save money on earth imagery.

HD map data from $0.25 per acre.
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CityScan aerial imagery
Aerial view for operations

Higher resolution.

10cm or better resolution is similar to drone and 10x better than satellite.

Broad coverage.

We capture thousands of km2 per mission and serve mosaics and terrain data within days.
FastMap CityScan imagery
2020 aerial imagery2021 aerial imagery
Nov 2020
May 2021

High frequency.

Fast capture technology supports weekly, monthly or quarterly updates. 

High accuracy.

Earth imagery and terrain data with centimeter accuracy for confident remote surveys.
Aerial imagery for engineers
Aerial view of beach

Low Emissions.

We capture with a low emissions platform that emits less CO2 than a passenger car.

Imagery solutions built for industry.

We work with industry reduce cost and lower risk.
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Aerial view of Porsche dealership under constructionAerial view of True North SquareAerial imagery for engineersFastMap CityScan imageryAerial view of Wellington property

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