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FastMap is a smart city platform offering a more sustainable way to design, build and maintain the built world.
FastMap high resolution aerial imagery

We help you save money, reduce emissions & mitigate risk.


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Document Reality

Reduce risk of rework by documenting key milestones as a source of truth at scale.


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Share your digital twin to save time and cut emissions of on-site walk-throughs.

Aerial Intelligence

HD aerial imagery for a clear birds eye view.

FastMap brings high resolution aerial imagery and 3D mapping to you: anywhere, any time. We use high-resolution aerial imagery and partner with high resolution satellite providers to offer worldwide coverage of the most current aerial view maps.
  • Global satellite coverage
  • fastmap virtual site measurements
    HD urban imagery
  • Track development
  • Measure & inspect remotley
  • Access multiple sources
  • Bespoke survey tasking
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high resolution aerial imagery measurements
accurate 3D topographic maps
Remote Surveys

3D terrain for rapid remote surveys.

To expand all horizons of your project, a 2D representation of the world just isn’t enough. Using leading LiDAR technology and enhanced photogrammetry, our 3D surveys can render the contours of earth’s geography with pin-point accuracy.
  • Global 30m coverage
  • Visualize contours
  • Measure profile & volume
  • Simulate 3D scenarios
  • Upload your own survey
  • Bespoke LiDAR surveys
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Don’t let your vision be limited by distance - find out today how FastMap can support your next project with next generation 3D imaging and mapping.
3D mapping, LiDAR, and aerial imagery services
fastmap 3d buildings by osm and cesium
3D CityScapes

3D buildings for city scale context.

View 3D buildings of entire cities at global scale and analyze based on key attributes to support the planning and design process.
  • fastmap virtual site measurements
    Global coverage
  • Daily OSM updates
  • Measure height and area
  • Analyze by attributes
  • Simulate 3D scenarios
  • Upload 3D models
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Remote Walkthroughs

360 imagery for remote site access.

360 walkthroughs place you right in the center of your project without ever having to set foot on-site. Seamlessly conduct site inspections with vivid 3D views without the inconvenience and expense of travel. We will help you keep track of:
  • Create fast as-builts
  • Document & access reality
  • Reduce on-site visits
  • Estimate & inspect anywhere
  • Integrate with CAD / BIM
  • Track progress remotley
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We provide property & infrastructure owners a green solution for anyone requiring on-site access for estimates, assessments and inspections.
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Our Smart City platform saves the time and tedium of scheduling multiple site visits, allowing all project stakeholders to benefit from sustainable work.
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