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April 9, 2021

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the on-site experience with 3D location intelligence.

Using high resolution aerial imagery and 3D mapping technology, we help you to see beyond the limitations of traditional site visits.

Want to learn more? Here’s what you need to know about who we are, what we do, and why we do it:

Who We Are:

FastMap is a team of innovators with a vision of transforming the way we think of site visits for surveys, estimates and inspections.  We present over 100 years of combined experience in 3D photogrammetry and we are passionate about expanding the horizons of this technology to support the smart cities of the future. We are committed to client satisfaction, cutting edge technology, and building a more advanced, convenient, and sustainable future by transforming the way we work using 3D location intelligence.

What We Do:

At FastMap, we transform data into vibrant aerial view maps and 3D digital twins, allowing our clients to survey, inspect, and estimate from anywhere, any time. 3D technology is closing the gap between on-site projects and the people who manage them; FastMap uses cutting-edge imaging and LiDAR to transform geospatial data into accurate digital twins that can be used for measurements, inspections, estimate and project documentation.

Our team collects comprehensive data from every perspective of the site; combining high resolution aerial imagery collected by manned, UAV and satellite platforms, with precise GPS positioning and thorough 3D terrestrial data to build a rich and intricate 3D vision of the built up world - creating that “be there” experience with incredible accuracy. FastMap's sophisticated 3D platform combines high resolution imagery and LiDAR to accurately measure and survey any site, at anytime, from anywhere.

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Why We Do It:

At FastMap, we are committed to providing cutting-edge 3D technology with a purpose. Here’s why we do what we do:

For the future:

At FastMap, we believe that 3D location intelligence will contribute to more sustainable future. We are building the smart cities around us to enable smarter work, safer work and a more sustainable future. Many companies rely on physical site visits to support estimates, surveys and site documentation. These daily commutes come at the cost of time and money to businesses and increased carbon offsets polluting the environment. With 3D technology rapidly advancing every day, why not leverage it to enable us to work more efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our team inspires companies to question traditional methods and embrace the potential of the future. We have seen what advanced aerial mapping and 3D imaging technology can do; now, we want to share that power with the world.

For the planet:

We are paving the way to not just for a more streamlined future, but to a greener future. Traditional on-site surveys, inspections, and assessments require fuel and energy that deepen carbon footprints. And yet, these emissions are completely avoidable with the right innovations.

Traditional on-site surveys, inspections, and assessments require fuel and energy that deepen carbon footprints.

FastMap’s 3D mapping services represent a more environmentally conscientious and mindful approach to the surveying and inspection process. If you have been looking for ways to weave more sustainability throughout your company’s operations, then our team at FastMap wants to be a part of that plan.

We created an eco-friendly site visit that leverages sustainability throughout the entire site visit process. High resolution aerial imagery over entire cities and municipalities is maintained on a regular basis using fuel efficient manned aircraft, providing a more reliable and accurate base map alternative to Google Earth. During the same flight high accuracy LiDAR elevation data digitizes the built world with precision accuracy and reduces redundant aerial survey missions to minimize emissions.

Virtual site visits can be requested on-demand by one of our professionals to capture interior and terrestrial environments with stunning 3D & 360 views. We operate only electric vehicles to provide you with a zero-emissions site visit to help reduce your carbon footprint while improving business productivity and profitability.

For you:

FastMap’s ultimate duty is for our clients; we do this for you. Your needs, your time, and your vision take center stage in our growth plan for the future. Our mission is to provide busy professionals with freedom from the costs, risks, and wasted time that is involved with on-site work.

FastMap takes the travel and tedium out of on-site surveys, inspections and assessments, leaving you with hours of saved time to innovate and expand. We believe that when people are no longer bound to the space and time limitations of traditional workflows, opportunities for growth and creativity will take our industry into a bright new future.

FastMap takes the travel and tedium out of on-site surveys, inspections and assessments, leaving you with hours of saved time to innovate and expand.

FastMap delivers virtual site visits with a purpose. Our team of experts partner with clients who share our innovative vision and expansive goals. Are you ready to embrace the future of the on-site experience?

Contact us to learn on how we can reduce your site visit costs by 90%.

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