Fall 2020 Winnipeg Aerial Survey

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April 13, 2021

Winnipeg, MB is a growing city and cultural centre bursting with opportunity.

If you are working on projects in Winnipeg, then we are proud to announce the release of FastMap’s Fall 2020 HD Maps over Winnipeg, MB.

High Resolution Aerial Imaging in Winnipeg, MB

FastMap recently surveyed Winnipeg to gather a comprehensive, top-quality aerial view of the city. This gives property owners and developers a never-before seen perspective of Winnipeg, MB. Traditional aerial imaging can be grainy or lacking in detail. However our high-resolution aerial imagery is accurate and highly detailed, allowing you to broaden your horizons of what is possible and gain more nuanced project inspiration.

With high resolution aerial images of Winnipeg, you can start building projects faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably in this exciting up-and-coming city.

Winnipeg Conveniently at Your Fingertips

There are so many reasons why you might want to invest in Winnipeg for your next project; developers everywhere are scoping out options for becoming a part of this growing cultural hub.

Throughout construction, FastMap’s HD aerial images can keep you up-to-date for accurate inspection and monitoring of your projects n Winnipeg, MB. With our cutting edge technology, you can have your eyes on Winnipeg from wherever you call home.

Solutions for a Greener Winnipeg

At FastMap we are proud to always prioritize sustainability. That’s why we are so excited to begin working in Winnipeg, a city with big goals for a greener future. Winnipeg, MB is aspiring towards greener building codes and construction practices, so if you are looking to expand into Winnipeg projects, it’s important to keep these values in mind.

Luckily, FastMap offers one simple way to make your projects greener with our high resolution aerial imagery. When you can cut down on the energy used spent surveying and inspecting, you are able to slash emissions in the initial stages of your project. Demonstrating an eco-friendly and forward-thinking mindset is an essential

Why We Love Winnipeg

We have had so much fun surveying Winnipeg and working with the people who live there. Winnipeg is a vibrant and growing city, and if you are thinking of investing in or moving to Winnipeg, MB, here are some fun facts you might be surprised to learn about this unique Canadian destination.

Winter Wonder

Winnipeg has been named one of the coldest cities on the planet During this destination’s most frigid nights in January and February, temperatures often plummet below -21 degrees Celsius and sometimes much lower, with record lows clocking in at -41 degrees Celsius. This unique climate creates opportunities for one-of-a kind winter attractions throughout the city.

In addition to premier skiing, tobogganing, and other winter sports, Winnipeg boasts other winter attractions such as the world’s longest snow maze and the amazing frozen nature trail at The Forks. Daring adrenaline junkies can even climb the St. Boniface Ice tower, an imposing obelisk of solid ice scalable only with specialized alpine equipment

Explore Canadian History

Founded in 1873 by fur trappers from France and England, Winnipeg MB is a city with a rich history. Experience sites rich in local history at The Forks, where The Red River intersects the Assiniboine river. From The First Nations people who originally populated the land to the traders who did their business by boat and by rail through the area, The Forks National Historic site guides visitors through the stories of the people who shaped Canadian history

As an early site of North American trade, Winnipeg was one of the first cities in Canada to develop many exciting innovations. One of Winnipeg’s most notable contributions to world history was actually the invention of the 911 emergency number. In 1859, Winnipeg introduced the first ever emergency phone call system that was soon to be adopted by countries throughout the world.

Rustic Charm in the Heart of the City

Winnipeg is unique for combining the urban attractions of a large city with a rustic Northern charm that can provide an escape from metropolitan bustle.

Adventure through miles of lakes and prairie in beautiful Fort Whyte Alive. Just south of the city, you can encounter herds of majestic bison and flocks of migratory birds. This destination is also home to endless opportunities for outdoor fun in any season, from summer canoeing to winter tobogganing.

If you prefer a more slow-paced rustic excursion, Winnipeg has that to offer as well. There is an authentic Nordic spa with a cozy Canadian twist. Just 8 km from downtown Winnipeg, this Spa-Nature destination offers world-class Finnish saunas, luxurious thermal-pools, and a variety of other top-class  massage and body therapies.

Get Up-Close with Arctic Wildlife

When you think about most zoos, the first thing that usually comes to mind is wildlife from the Saharan African planes or tropical rainforest jungles like lions, tigers, giraffes, and elephants. Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Zoo, however, offers a unique and different experience with their Journey To Churchill. This one-of-a kind experience lets you get up close and personal with a diverse collection of amazing arctic animals.

Enter the Gateway to the Arctic to meet mighty polar bears, playful seals, sly arctic foxes, majestic reindeer, and other fascinating examples of arctic zoology in a uniquely preserved polar biome.

World Class Museums

Winnipeg is one of Canada’s major cultural centers, and home to some of the most vibrant and unique museums in the nation.

For a truly one-of-a-kind museum going experience, visit the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. One of the only museums in the world dedicated solely to telling the story of human rights achievements. From the outside, the museum’s architecture is unusual and breathtaking; inside, learn inspiring stories of human rights throughout Canada and the world through immersive, thought provoking, and unforgettable exhibits.

No matter what sort of attractions might lead you to live or develop in Winnipeg, high resolution aerial imagery can help you become a part of this growing and vibrant Manitoba city. We at FastMap are so proud to introduce or 2020 aerial survey of Winnipeg, and so excited to see how our clients use the survey to expand, create, and innovate.

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