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FastMap's aerial mapping technology bridges the gap between UAV and satellite mapping. Contact us for a free quote today and learn how you can:
  • Get 10x the experience of satellite and UAV

    Our HD maps are 10x more clear and accurate than the highest resolution commercial satellite maps and over 10x more efficient than on-site UAV surveys.
  • Get more out of your aerial intelligence

    The world is 3D and your maps should be too. Our HD maps include 2D and 3D layers while our innovative platform saves you the time measuring, locating and monitoring assets.
  • Reduce data overhead & increase collaboration

    Our platform and API connects stakeholders to your maps for you, so you don't have to worry about costly infrastructure and maintenance ever again.
  • Scale UAV programs without the overhead

    We offer a complete turn-key experience to easily request, track and share 3D aerial intelligence without the costly overhead of hardware and software.